Sundays Game: Sharks VS Raiders

The Cronulla Sharks played the Canberra Raiders on Sunday 19.5.2013. ROUND 10 was celebrated as Our Women In League round, the players sported link Jerseys and the Mermaids performed with Pink Pom Poms.

We arrived at Sharks Stadium at 11am for an on field rehearsal, which included, blocking of positions, and a tech run of the routine. We were out there for about 30 mins.

Rehearsals continued out on the back training fields. The Mermaids run the routine over and over until they feel confident with it, and we go through any last minute cleaning of combos if some are looking a little all over the place.

They practice the Run Out, which is performed twice during the game. One is just before kick off, as the both NRL teams run out of the tunnel, and once more for the start of the second half. (I must say, these ladies dance their butts off at every home game)

Here is a photo of the Mermaids in their pink training gear pre game rehearsals.


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