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Fishnets have been around  forever and what is known in the history of the fishnet, is that fishnet’s came to America in 1908, from Paris, France (of course).

For the NRL, fishnets are a stocking that majority of NRL and NBL Cheerleaders wear on their legs.

My favourite brand is Fiesta and I like my squad to have the colour ‘Toast’.

This brand of stocking are a tighter material than other brands, which hold you in just that little bit more, and don’t we all love that.

Fishnets give your legs more of a toned look, and wearing them over nicely tanned legs also gives them a nice finish.


  • Cut the waist band of the fishnets off, this will prevent a ‘muffin top’ look if you are wearing a uniform with a skirt or shorts. If you are wearing them under a lycra one piece, cutting the waist band off will give a smoother appearance. If you find the fishnets start to slide down under the uniform, thread a long, thin piece of elastic through the holes at the top of the fishnets. This will help them stop sliding.
  • Putting a pair of socks on before your fishnets may give you some extra comfort.
  • If you make a hole in the fishnets, the best thing to do is get some thread and sew the gap closed as best as you can, until you have time to go and buy a new pair.

Fiesta Fishnets are available in all Bloch stores and online.






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