Why I Love – Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo can be a girls best friend!


A must buy if you are a super busy mum, travelling, frequent the gym often, going  on holidays, camping or just to squeeze in an extra day or two in between salon visits.

Once I came across this product, it helped me handle my hair while running around to dance classes, rehearsals, gigs and game. If you’ve had a long day and haven’t had the chance to get home before a game or a gig to wash and restyle your hair, dry shampoo is the saviour! Just a few sprays in the oily parts, shake your hand through that part of your hair to loosen up the spray and spread it around and you’re done. It gives your hair a fresher feeling!

There are now products for blondes, red heads and brunettes so the powered spray matches your hair colour.

I have a few different products below for you to check out. Enjoy!

BATISTE – BLUSH, ORIGINAL & TROPICAL (My favourite is tropical)

This Product leaves hair soft, clean, fresh and completely revitalised. Pleasant, fresh, light fragrance with a waterless formulation. Absorbs dirt and other cosmetic products from your hair.


CEDEL – For Blondes, Brunettes and Red heads. Come in a nice size for your handbag


GARNIER FRUCTIS Pure Volume – This is a great product which refreshes, and adds a tonne of volume to your hair! nKeeps hair free and full of volume between washes. Absorbs excess oil, leaving your hair clean and light. Easy to use, quick to work and suitable for all hair colours.


Klorane – Gentle Dry Shampoo containing Oat Milk.

Quickly and easily applied to hair and you can brush out your hair and add body and bounce to your hair.

Hypo allergenic, safe for sensitive scalps, fresh smell and won’t leave a sticky or thick residue.  Klorane can be used to clean your hair, add volume to thin hair and prolong your hair style. as it prevents humidity spoiling your blow dry or straightened style.

Great Product fro travelling.

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Toni & Guy – One of my all time favourite to use if I had to choose a dry shampoo.

Repairs dry, dehydrated hair without heaviness. Honey and Oat extracts combined with sea kelp. Leaves hair with no white residue while adding body, volume and texture for a quick result.


Toni & Guy- Buy From: http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=66272

Klorane – http://www.priceline.com.au/hair/hair-care/shampoo-and-conditioner/gentle-dry-shampoo-with-oat-milk-150.0-ml

Cedel – http://www.cedel.com.au/allproducts

Grnier Fructis Pure Volume – http://www.garnier.com.au/_en/_au/our_products/product-struct.aspx?tpcode=OUR_PRODUCTS%5EPRD_HAIRCARE%5EFRUCTIS%5EFRUCTIS_DISCOVER%5EFRUCTIS_PURE_VOLUME%5EFRUCTIS_PURE_VOLUME_RTN3&prdcode=P41244


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