Hawkettes perform – Hawks VS Wildcats: Round 6


We had an unreal time at the Hawks vs Wildcats game Sunday 17th November.

Our squad consisted of 6 dancers from JLD.ENTERTAINMENT the beautiful ‘Hawkettes’ and we danced the house down.

The week leading up to the game was full on, as we were unable to all rehearse together as a full squad on Monday night as i was still in Vietnam for the Tiger Street Football event, so rehearsals were spread out over the entire week.

4 of us rehearsed together at Keep it Young Fitness on Wednesday night, I then taught Brie on Thursday, followed by Rhi on Friday. Rhi was our last minute recruit as one of our Hawkettes couldn’t make the game due to last minute X Factor rehearsals, however we pulled it together, blocked out the time outs on the court when we arrived and we absolutely nailed it.

Here are some photos from the game, I hope you enjoy!

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