Cronulla Sharks Mermaids Audition – Round 1 & 2


Round 1

Auditions for the Cronulla Sharks Mermaids cheer squad were held over 2 separate audition dates in December 2013.

We had a variety of dancers attend the first audition, including new applicants who we were meeting for the first time, as well as existing members from the 2013 squad who were re-auditioning to secure their spot for next season.

The dancers were taught a combination of choreography which was more of a commercial style, which they all learnt as a group over a 45 minute period before they were split into groups of four to perform in front of the panel.

As we watched each dancer perform, we were looking for strong dance ability, personality and acrobatic skills.

From this audition, we had decided who we wanted to see again at our Call Back and we would see these dancers 10 days later for Round 2.

Round 2

I taught the dancers a new routine for this audition, and my goodness it was a fast one. The majority kept up with the timing and choreography which was so great to see, and after teaching the entire combination, I gave all the dancers some time to work on the routine by themselves and figure out any of the chorey they were unsure of and then we were ready to see them dance it out!

I called in the dancers 4 at a time, and they performed the combination twice in front of myself and two of the Sharks Marketing Staff. I was blown away with how hard everyone danced at this audition, and you could see how much these girls wanted a spot in this squad, even the 2013 Mermaids gave it their all because they knew their spot wasn’t guaranteed and this audition was a clean slate for them also. These ladies gave the routine everything they could, even if they missed a beat they kept going and were left exhausted at the end but it was all worth it in the end.

After a long audition process, we made our decisions on who we would take for the 2014 season and I cant wait to share them with you. Until then, here are some photos and footage of the 2nd audition. Bring on NRL season. #upupcronulla












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