Hawks VS Tigers – New Years Eve!



Rehearsals for this game were full on, I had to teach the Hawkette’s their time outs as well as a new and fresh routine for the Hawks Half Time Entertainment. Choreography overload! Our brains and muscles were screaming at the end.

The game was the following day, so we were all rehearsing like mad the morning of the game to make sure everything was in our heads and we were confident about all the routines we needed to do. It might seem like we’re making a big deal over ‘just dancing’ at a basketball game, however…. the game is so fast, a time out can be called at any time, so it’s up to all the dancers to know exactly which time out is coming up, what your formations are, and the order of the routines. (sideline anxiety does happen!!)

You literally have about 3 seconds to get on that court before the music is on, and then you need to pray that choreography is in your head!

I made sure the girls and I had rehearsed enough, and thats when you have fun performing out there with each other. You know what you’re doing, you can breathe and have time to think about whats coming up next, no stress. Just fun with the girls!

This Game went into DOUBLE OVERTIME, it was absolutely insane! The Hawks played extremely well the entire game, however the Melbourne Tigers got the better of the Hawks, bringing the final score to 91-81.

I’m looking forward to performing at this Saturdays game with the Hawkette’s. 7.30pm Tip off against the Perth Wildcats at Win Entertainment Centre.

Heres some photos from Hawks VS Tigers game. Enjoy!








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