Round 12- Wollongong Hawks VS Perth Wildcats


Hawks took on the NBL ladder leaders on January 4th and went into over time winning 96-91.

The fans were insanely loud, cheering on the boys and Clarke, Forman and Gruber were on fire again!

The Hawkette’s were set to perform in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarters, however we didn’t do our first time out until the 4th quarter. Every dancer has a nightmare about getting out there and the music playing up…it happened! Oh It happened!

Our first song was Thunderstruck, it had a nice long intro to the routine for us to hear and find the beat to start. The sound was on low when the song had started, and when it was turned up, we had no idea what part of the intro the song was in. The verse of the song then started and we were still performing the intro. It was a dead set train wreck and I was mortified!

As NBL cheerleaders, we are only out there for 1 minute, and out of that minute, we were all lost and doing different things, looking like deer in head lights at each other for about 20 seconds (which feels like a lifetime). We finally all found a piece in the music that we could pull it together. The routine finished and I wanted to bury my head in my poms, but nope you’re sitting on the court with the fans looking at you with some unimpressed looks on their faces.

I quickly ran off the court over to the sound desk to sort out the technical issues, and then told the operations manager we needed to redeem ourselves from that embarrassing routine in front of our fans and told him we would perform every other remaining time out for the remainder of the 4th quarter. We did it, we redeemed ourselves and killed every single routine we had and also performed in overtime. When you know you have a top squad of professional dancers, and due to technical issues you don’t perform to the standard that you usually do or that is expected from you, it is humiliating! Thank goodness we could bounce back!

It was a great result in the end, and we’re looking forward to Round 14 on January 19th at Win Entertainment Centre.

Here are some photos of us out on the court. #gohawks








List of Beauty products i used for the game:

Le Tan – instant wash off  (the best. Its rainproof, sweat proof and only comes off your body with soap, water and a good scrub)

Fiesta Legwear – Fishnets (Toast)

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