Shooting with The Footy Show – it all starts again


It’s NRL season and the Footy Show is back, thank goodness!

I honestly love getting to work with this amazing group of people, and when it comes time to pull together dancers to perform in these clips it seems to get better and more creative every year.

We shot 2 videos for the opener of the Footy Show which consisted of two of the greats, Mr Daryl Broughman the ‘Big Marn’ and Mr Michael Slater ‘Slats’ – and they shot a parody of Rediculous by Redfoo.

These two marvellous men are always a joy to work with and watch film their takes. Daryl always turns up super excited and motivated, and is always so eager to choreography I show him, (he is fantastic at improvisation).

Miss Erin Molan, whom I just adore and love catching up with on these shoots, just blows me away every time I work with her,  she’s so much fun, professional and so full of life, even though she is so incredibly busy! The video she shot was a parody of ‘Timber’ by Kesha, and we all had so much fun on this shoot. So much dancing but, however the result turned out awesome.

The dancers I worked with on both videos were so professional and quick to pick up the routines after one rehearsal. Everyone was a joy to work with, on the ball at the shoots and I look forward to working with you all soon.

I have included the link below for you to view  as well as some behind the scenes images.

The Footy Show 2014 – Opener


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