Time with Miss Tiffany DeLuca




JLD – At what age did you start dancing and which dance schools did you attend?

Started dancing at the age of 3 at Kay Horsey’s Coastal Dance Theatre on the Gold Coast.

Then went on to A Full time Performing Arts School at Brent Street Studios in 2004.



JLD- What is your current profession?

TIFF – Dancer, Dance Teacher, Personal Trainer.



JLD – Where have you travelled overseas for work?

TIFF – I have travelled all over seas for various dance contracts including – Japan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Lebanon, Singapore, America, Thailand, Manila, China.


JLD – Dance/modeling contracts you were/are involved in ?



Millenium Entertainment

XXXX Angels

Mugen Cabaret Japan

Sydney Kings Cheerleader

Parramatta Cheerleader

Cronulla Sharks Mermaid



JLD – Was the audition process hard?

TIFF – Usually it’s pretty intense, but you just gotta keep at it!

And they are usually 3 or 4 rounds.


JLD – Talk us through what an average day was for you on contract? 

TIFF – Morning Cardio



Lay by the pool

Get ready for the show

Travel to the show



Do the show


Do another show

Rehearsal (if needed)




JLD – How many were in the show dancers in the Show?

TIFF – It depends on the show, however usually 7 or more!



JLD- What was the best part of your job?

TIFF – Performing in Front of a crowd!


JLD- What is the most interesting, memorable, funniest thing that has happened abroad?

TIFF- Being treated like movies stars overseas! They love Australians!


JLD- Occupation now and what do you have planned for the near future?

TIFF – Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor.

Running my own business.

Incorporating Dance, Fitness and nutrition.

Helping clients reach their goals.






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