Hypoxi | My 2nd week


Suited up in the Vacunuat suit last night at Hypoxi, Cronulla.

I’ve been to three sessions a week for the last two weeks and have one more week left at Hypoxi.

This was a perfect time to trial Hypoxi as we had 3 weeks off from the NRL, and I have been incorporating the hypoxi treatment with my weekly training schedule and yoga practice.

Last night I was in the Vacunuat suit.

Hypoxi – The highly effective design of the HDC means there no need for direct skin contact. This results in a holistic, non-invasive treatment that simulates a deep tissue massage; AND

the operation of the HDC chambers during the 20 minute program results in a greater surface area of skin being treated for up to 100 times longer than with traditional manual cupping.

Used on its own, the HDC can help improve the skin’s tone and texture. However, the real beauty of the HDC is when it is combined with HYPOXI’s other training devices. Undertaking the HDC prior to either a L250, S120 or Vacunaut session will see you accelerate your results and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

HypoxiDermology (HDC)– An ancient principle, perfected by HYPOXI
Cupping is an ancient application of Chinese medicine which has been used since at least the 4th century to combat the stresses of daily life on the body. Acknowledging its benefits, HYPOXI adopted the technique and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated and relaxing treatment.

I’m looking forward to seeing final results after next week.

Here is a link to their website. – http://hypoxicronulla.com.au/our-equipment/


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