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Shikye Alyce began dancing at age 3 and singing at age 5. Her vocal style is a fusion of her favourite musical genres including Jazz, Blues and RnB. Shikye has performed at various events including Sydney Swans AFL games, the Malaysian Charity Gala in Penang and in the NSW Club circuit.


At age 16 Shikye began working for Six Pak Productions as one of their ‘Showgirls’. In 2009 she successfully auditioned for the ultimate ‘Showgirl’ experience as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge. During her time in Paris she also performed at many corporate & sporting events including the European Rugby Cup Final at Stade de France, appearances on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and the French film “Mystere au Moulin Rouge”.


Since returning to Sydney Shikye has appeared as an assistant to PiP Comic illusionist on Australia’s Got Talent, performed at both the Sydney and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and has rejoined the Cronulla Sharks Mermaids NRL Cheerleaders for a fifth season. She has appeared as a dancer on The Voice Australia, Xfactor Australia, performed as a showgirl on the Sydney Showboats as well as appearing as a lead vocalist in the show “Turn up the Music.”


Currently, Shikye makes up 1/3 of SMA Productions’ corporate vocal group “The Diamonds.” The girls have been busy flying all over the country performing at various corporate events including the Beyoncé pre-show VIP Experience in Sydney.


JLD – Age you started dancing and which dance schools did you attend?

Shikye – Started dancing at age 3. Studios include L.A Talent School, Brent Street and Planetdance


JLD – What is your current profession/s here in Sydney?

SHIKYE – Singer/dancer/model

“The Diamonds” is a 3 girl corporate act that takes the audience on a musical journey from the 40s right up to the music of today. It’s a really fun show with something for everyone. We’ve been lucky enough to travel all over Australia and have recently been the guest act on various Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

I also perform as both a singer and dancer throughout the NSW RSL club circuit with Six Pak Productions doing various cultural themed production shows and am in my 5th year of cheerleading for the Cronulla Sharks.

Every now and then I’ll be on the catwalk for hair shows, fashion or popping up on your TV screen in a commercial!


JLD – Tell us about the dance contracts that you have been involved in overseas?

SHIKYE – In 2009 I moved to Paris, France to work as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge.

My initial contract was for 12 months and at the end of that year I was asked if I wanted to extend my contract and stay for another year, so I did.


JLD – What was an average day for you when you had a show on that night?

SHIKYE – I lived right near the Moulin Rouge in a studio apartment that was also very close to most of my friends. As I wouldn’t finish work until the early hours of the morning I wouldn’t wake up until 11am at the earliest. We would have our days free so my friends and I would often meet for lunch, a movie or a picnic in the park.

At about 6pm I would cook dinner, shower and walk the 10 minutes to work. I would aim to arrive to work by 7:45pm to give myself just over an hour to do hair, makeup, pre-set any costumes and stretch before the show began.

After the show, at about 1am, I would have a quick shower, get dressed and head home. When I arrived home it was usually a great time to Skype friends and family back in Australia and after taking a couple of hours to wind down I would be off to bed to start all over again in the morning. There are 14 girls in the dancer line each night but there are approximately 60 cast members who make up the show.

JLD – What was the best part of your job?

SHIKYE – I made some amazing friendships during my 2 years in Paris and still keep in touch with a lot of the girls from all over the world. It’s amazing to think that I have been a part of history working at a theatre that has been around for 125 years now!

 JLD – Can you share with us one of the funniest thing that happened abroad?

SHIKYE – I think the funniest things were bloopers that happened on stage…two that I will never forget are:

One of the opening numbers is a beautiful, elegant number in log flowing skirts with a lot of partner work. At one point the boys lead the girls around in a circle. As I came toward the front my foot slipped off the stage and I fell to my hands and knees. My partner tried to help me up but as I tried to stand I kept stepping on the front of my skirt, which caused me to keep falling over. Finally he just scooped me up back on to my feet so I could run off and tend to my bleeding grazed knees!

Another blooper happened at the end of the show when every cast member walks down a set of stairs to then take their final bow at the front. One night I completely missed a step and fell flat on my butt with a 5kg feathered backpack on…my bow was very quick that night!

To keep up to date with Shikye’s journey you can follow her at http://www.facebook.com/officialshikyealyce

Here are some gorgeous Images of Shikye Performing at the Moulin Rouge and with The Diamonds that she has shared with us.







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