Essential tips for your hair this summer

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Uv Rays, humidity and moisture zapping chlorine can dull you do quick and leave your hair feeling stressed and dry.
Here are some hair care tips for you this summer.

– Put your hair up in loose comfortable styles such as messy braids or low buns. Tight hair styles can pull and tear on the hair.

– Try to blow dry, straighten or curl as little as possible. Your hair is already super exposed to the heat and light over summer so give the hair heated tools a break and go au natural

– Rinse and wash your hair after sun exposure. This will eliminate further UV damage, and wash away impurities that stay on the hair.
Note: After a trip to the beach, try rinsing the hair in the shower followed by a scalp massage. This will exfoliate old cells, increase scalp circulation to promote hair growth and help remove any product build up.

-Dryness and split ends can be helped with the inclusion of deep conditioning treatments in your summer hair regime.

My Favourite Treatments are

loreal vitamino color gel
Loreal Professional Vitamino Color Gel Masque – Works and protects in 60 seconds

Morroccan Oil 1
Morroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask – 5 Minute Treatment

Redken Blonde Idol Custom – Tone Gold For when your colour is brassy of flat

Look after those locks this summer!

L O V E jld xx


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