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We caught up with this down to earth beauty and found out a little bit more about this Cronulla girl who has travelled the world doing what she loves!

ELISE – My love for dance and my passion for sport was what sparked my interest in joining a cheer squad! I wanted to be a part of a team again and spend time with others who enjoy the same passion as me and love what they do- Do what you love and love what you do!

I’ve been a cheerleader now for 5 years however not all of my years as a cheerleader have been with the NRL. Whilst living overseas in England for 2 years I was lucky enough to be selected to cheerlead as a part of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup Elite Cheerleaders squad who were a neutral team performing at most of the Rugby League World Cup games. It was an incredible experience travelling throughout the UK to dance on the world stage, as well as cheer on the best in the Rugby League business! They love the NRL Cheerleaders over there so it was interesting for me to see how they do it over in the UK compared to that of Australia.

Now I’m back in Australia I’m cheerleading for the Cronulla Sharks Oporto Mermaids and I’m loving every minute of it!

JLD – What does your Game week and Game day consist of?

ELISE – Game week is always a busy week full of rehearsals, training and preparing my body and appearance for Game Day! Being organised is the key as the week often flies by and without being organised it’s easy to forget things!

Typically a game day week would consist of a rehearsal on Monday with the rest of the Mermaids where we work hard on our game day routine with our choreographer Jacquie.

Throughout the week in my own time I run through the routines to make sure that I know what I am doing so there’s so stressing on game day. I also go about my normal weekly exercises as I would any other week to make sure I keep my body fit and toned!

Appearance is a big part of getting game day ready, getting my appearance ready which usually consists of a nice long bath with my Jar Body Scrub to exfoliate before visiting Tara at the Spray Tan Society in Caringbah for my game day tan.

On game day I start getting ready and hour and a half before arrival so that all my hair and makeup is completed before I arrive for our on field rehearsal. I always make sure my bag is packed the night before so that I don’t forget anything!

JLD – What motivates and inspires you as a performer?

It would have to be myself and others around me. Working alongside some of the best in the business it’s easy to be motivated and inspired by the other girls and people we get to work with.

I also find goals help to motivate me! I’m a big believer in goal setting too so I’m forever setting myself new goals to work towards and I can be pretty hard on myself in order to reach those goals.

JLD – What is the best thing about being part of a cheer squad?

ELISE – Being a cheerleader has so many perks it’s really hard to work out what the best thing would be!

I think it would have to be working with our choreographer and the rest of the squad each week. All of us love what we do and it really shows on game day- I just love performing. We’ve got a little family in the Mermaids and we always have such a great time together whether it is on the field, at rehearsals or on nights out.

JLD – What are some of your game day tips, because some of them can be long days?

ELISE – With Game Day often being so long and tiring my biggest tip would be to make sure your body is fuelled for the day by eating regularly and drinking lots of water.

On game day I always make sure that I have a big healthy breakfast, lots of water and I make sure I’ve organised either a pack lunch or snacks for the afternoon.

The day is often busy and it can be easy to miss a meal, so snacks are great to pack for a quick bite to eat in your breaks!

JLD – What event or game has been one to remember?

ELISE – My most memorable experience would have to be the Rugby League World Cup! The whole experience is definitely something that will stick with me for a long time. I got to work with an incredible team of girls as well as well as the management team all of who accepted me (the Australian girl with a funny accent) with open arms!

I had a few favourite games which were the Opening Ceremony/ Opening Games, Double Header Semi Finals at Wembley Stadium, London and the Grand Final at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester. There’s nothing quite like performing in front of an 80,000 strong crowd where the atmosphere is electric.

Being the only Australian in the squad I got to wear my Australian scarf for the games we were playing in and as a result got to hang out with some of the crazy Australian ‘Fanatics’ and even got a photo with the Australian team.

Opportunities like the World Cup just don’t come around every day!

JLD – What are your interests outside of cheerleading and the NRL?

ELISE – I’m a pretty active person, so when I’m not cheerleading I’m usually playing Oztag, going for a kick around at the local park or dancing.

While I LOVE travelling (definitely another interest of mine- I’ve still got the travel bug) after spending a lot of time away from home, in my spare time I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Whether it is just relaxing at home, going to watch them play sport or going out for dinner and drinks I love spending time with those that mean a lot to me.



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