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The gorgeous Darcie!

DARCIE – I’ve been part of the NRL for five years, all of which I’ve spent with my beloved Bulldogs! My grandfather was one of the very first Bulldogs members at Belmore Sports Ground, which began a family tradition of supporting the Bulldogs. I attended every home game growing up and also travelled interstate with my family to support my team. My childhood dream was always to become a Bulldogs cheerleader- in fact, in my year 6 year book when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered with ‘a Bulldogs cheerleader!’ As soon as I turned 18 I auditioned for the cheer squad. Not many people can say their childhood dream has come true, so I am very lucky!

JLD – Describe your general ‘Game Week’

DARCIE – A game week is very busy for me. Every member of our squad must attend our weekly rehearsal on Wednesday nights at C-Life gym in Canterbury Leagues Club. We must also attend C-Life for our own workout session one other day every week. Our Wednesday night rehearsals are jam packed with a fitness class and learning new choreography. I am the choreographer this year for the squad so I spend a lot of time preparing new choreography to teach the rest of the squad at our rehearsal. One or two days prior to game day I will always visit my amazing spray tanner, Tara from the Spraytan Society to ensure I am bronzed and glowing. On game day I will always allow a couple of hours to style my hair, do my make up and pack my bag before driving to ANZ Stadium. We usually have to be at the Stadium 3 hours before the game, which means it can be a very long day so I always make sure I pack lots of snacks and water to get me through it.

JLD – What motivates and inspires you as a performer?

DARCIE – As a performer, I find the crowd/audience motivates me. I feed off positive energy and if the crowd is alive and loud I will always feel motivated to put 110% into my performance. Performers who are able to draw your attention to them, despite dancing in a group, inspire me. I believe working as a team is very important, however a performer who has that little spark and stands out is something special.

JLD – What is the best thing about being part of a cheer squad?

DARCIE – The best thing about being a part of a cheer squad is making life long friends. I find that the girls in the squad each year, no matter how new or experienced they are, are able form a close bond because we all share the same passion for rugby league and performing. Along with this, having the best seats in the stadium and cheering on my favourite team are definitely just as great!

JLD – What are some of your favourite products you love to use for game day?

DARCIE – My tan is always perfect come game day but if in case I ever need to touch it up, I swear by Sally Hanson Leg Make up (except I use it on my whole body) it covers any imperfections! I love my Mac foundation, I usually use a combination of Studio Sculpt and Studio Fix to get the full coverage to last me the whole game day.

JLD – What event or game has been one to remember?

DARCIE – Since cheerleading for the Bulldogs I have been lucky enough to experience performing at two grand finals, 2012 and 2014. They are without a doubt the most amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The energy of the crowd, over 80, 000 passionate fans, packing out ANZ stadium is unforgettable. The semi final games to get into the grand finals were also incredible. In 2012 the cheer squad joined in on a lap of honour with the players around the field- I have a framed photo of this on my bedroom wall! In the 2014 semi final there was only three of us at the game, we weren’t required to perform but rather just make an appearance. The other two girls left early, however I stayed to the very end and ended up sitting in the players box with the injured players. At the end of the game when the Bulldogs won, I jumped onto the field to run over to the Bulldogs Army to take a photo of all of the flags but ended up doing another lap of honour by myself hi-fiving all of the excited fans along the fence… it was incredible!

JLD – What are your interests outside of cheerleading and the NRL?

DARCIE – I am very interested in sport in general. I am currently in my final year of University studying Journalism and I am hoping to become a sports journalist. I enjoy baking; I’m not very good at it though! I am also a big lover of trashy reality TV shows, so you will always find me curled up on the lounge watching re runs of The Bachelor!

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