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Sydney Princess Cruises is Sydneys Premier Sydney Harbour Cruise Company.

Providing the best in Sydney Harbour Cruises including Events, Sydney Harbour Weddings, Parties and Fun on the magnificent Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Princess cruises began operation in 2001 and has become one of Sydneys leading and most respected charter vessel operations on Sydney Harbour. Starting with our first vessel, the MV Sydney Princess in 2001, then purchasing a second vessel the MV Sydney in 2004, we have now moved on to the cruising on the luxurious MV Jerry Bailey.

The team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integrated and honest.

With the stunning motor vessel, M.V. Jerry Bailey, we offer events and functions of excellence with quality attention to detail and professional, personalized service.

Its coming up to Wedding season and Sydney Princess Cruise founder, Colin wanted to share with us his thoughts and tips on how to impress your wedding guests.

5 Tips to Impress Your Wedding Guests

Guests are a special part of your wedding reception. They are the ones that brighten up your day and especially make it to your wedding to celebrate those moments with you. Therefore, they deserve to have a good time and take with them memories they can cherish.

5 Tips to impress your wedding guests

There are many ways to impress your wedding guests. Here are just a few ways that can help you impress them so that they may leave your reception wowed and awe-inspired.

  • Send out creative invites

Wow them even before the reception. Send out creative and highly appealing invites which make them look forward to your big day. They are many ideas available on the internet. If you do not want to handle the fuss, ask a professional to help you out. A small box of chocolates or a small gift along with the invitation is sure to astonish and excite your guests.

  • Welcome Cocktails 

Most guests expect the food and drinks after the ceremony has been completed. Take them by surprise by offering them light cocktails after they get seated. Welcome cocktails will be a sheer delight for them. You can arrange for juices or other light beverages depending on the season. You can even match the cocktails to the theme of your wedding.

  • Eye catching arrangements

The way your venue is arranged is sure to make people talk. Use lots of flowers and candles to beautify the venue. Talk to the staff responsible and share your ideas with them. Get beautiful centre pieces, like lamps or vases, for the tables and make sure all the decorations match the theme of your wedding.

You can also use colours in the decor that contrast with your wedding dress, complementing them at the same time. Be creative with your choices and try out various options before deciding on your favourite one.

  • Delectable Food

A major part of the reception is food. Many people judge the entire wedding just on the basis of food. Set a menu that guests of with varying tastes will enjoy. Have a few vegetarian and vegan dishes as well so that guests who do not consume meat can enjoy the food as much as the others.

Do not forget the cake. Get your cake made by a professional to match the overall theme of your wedding. It should be beautiful, striking and highly pleasing to the taste buds.

  • Thanking guests 
Think of creative ways to thank the guests for attending your wedding reception. It’s your big day so it won’t harm you to be a bit generous. Make delightful wedding favours or giveaways that you can present to your guests when they leave. Attach a small thank you note with some thoughtful and kind words. Thoughtful gestures like these will make your wedding a memorable event for your guests as well as for you.

Lastly, honour all guests equally as all of them took time out to attend your wedding. Following these little tips is sure to impress and delight your guests.



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