Dry Brushing 

Dry body brushing • Removes dead layers of skin

• Stimulates and increases blood circulation 

• Helps release fatty deposits under your skins surface 

• Assists the eliminative capacity of your body’s organs 

• Rejuvenates your cells 

• Strengthens your immune system   

• Increases muscle tone 

• Improves skin texture 

• Helps prevent premature ageing 

Best to dry brush first thing in the morning 

Use natural bristled brush or a loofah if you don’t have a brush. 

Start with soles of your feet and use swift and upward strokes working your way up the legs towards the heart.

Move to your hands and up the arms followed by working on your abdomen in a clockwise direction

Brush for 3-5 minutes until skin is rosey and tingles. 

Shower after you brush to wash off the dead skin. 

Lightly brush over cellulite areas. 

Love JLD 

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