Corporate Pilates Classes

JLD.ACTIVE is a new division and sister branch of JLD.ENTERTAINMENT which provides Corporate Sporting and Event Entertainment, JLD.ACTIVE and is now including the health, beauty, fitness and active side of the business.

Providing a diverse range of yoga and Pilates corporate classes.

Jacqueline-lee Doran who is a professional dancer has studied at the Yoga Institute and Studio Pilates International. Her classes are designed to suit all ages, fitness levels, recovery and strengthening for athletes, dancers as well as pre & post natal women. Also offering private and semi private sessions for clients seeking a one on one approach.


Reinvigorate and treat your staff and book a pilates class for them to include in their day. Great fun and excellent team building activity.

Improve core strength and flexibility whilst getting a good whole body workout.

Classes can help prevent back pain, neck and shoulder tension and improve your overall postural alignment.


Have a unique Pilates program designed just for you, to suit specific goals and requirements. Introducing you to the principles of Pilates designed by Joseph Pilates. This is one of the most effective ways to train, especially for those seeking injury rehabilitation. Whether it is to improve athletic performance for a particular sport, improving posture, all over body conditioning or for women, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles post birth.

Your instructor will take you through a series of exercises focusing on your ‘core muscles’, buttocks, back, abdominals, combining your awareness of the spine, breathing techniques, strength and flexibility.

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