Exercise or Diet?

Exercise or Diet: What Most Women Prefer

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My mother always said that if every single person in the world thought and loved the same things, then the world we live in would be a pretty boring one. There is something for everyone — partners, jobs, and lifestyle options like exercise and diet have their own vast section to choose from.

It would be presumptuous to classify women into preferring exercise more than diet or vice versa because this choice is determined by different things like time, personality and the job that particular woman has. What we can ask is which type of woman would opt for a particular exercise or a certain diet and so, with this question in mind, here is a list of reasons why some women are more likely to go for one option rather than the other.

Choosing diet over exercise

The woman who would opt to diet instead of exercising is often one who eats to live rather than live to eat. This kind of woman can very well eat extremely healthy all week or eat very small portions of the more calorie heavy foods just to avoid the need to break any kind of sweat.

Women who prefer to diet rather than exercise could also choose this option because they work very long hours, making it difficult for them to set a time to workout or because their own job is physically demanding and they would be too tired to workout after a day of work.

Choosing exercise over diet

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There are a number of reasons why some women prefer to exercise over dieting. These kinds of women could very well love food and enjoy food, so they would prefer to workout hard for an hour everyday so that they can have that plate of pasta or a chocolate bar every day without the latter effecting the scale.

Besides the issue of weight gain, exercise for some women is a source of relaxation — a time to bring some peacefulness to their crazy days with an hour of yoga for instance. Exercise can also be an anxiety relieving tool — boxing, HIIT and other challenging workout classes can help such women feel challenged and release their anxiety issues every time they conquer these challenges.

Exercise for some women can also be a time to be social and get to do something new. Exercise classes like ballet barre, HIIT and other trending workouts, are all ways for some women to liven up their week and do something new with their girlfriends so that they can beat the monotony or the stress of a work week.

Having the best of both worlds

You have seen the slew of headlines and you have read the studies, so it goes without saying that having the best of both worlds — eating well and working out — is the best way of leading a healthy life. Ultimately, a healthy diet and exercise are two tools that will help you lead the healthiest life you can lead and while you may often opt for one, rather than the other, finding the balance between the two is a way of giving your body the best nourishment and strength you can possibly give it.

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