Never suffer from chapped lips again


It is a common phenomenon among us women. We have our eyebrows shaped and looking bold. We draw our cat eyeliner like pros and our cheeks our rosy but then we have chapped lips that look dry and unworthy of a bright lip color.

There are many reasons why you are sporting those unappealing chapped lips. It could be the weather change or an allergic reaction to something that you are eating. It could also be caused by other things, ones stemming from your behavior, which would then require action on your part.

It is possible to never have chapped lips ever again and the following list is here to help you get to this stage.

Lip balms

Let’s start with the obvious here, although for some women, lip balms are still something they think they can do without. These balms are great to hydrate your lips so that they are always moisturized and soft-looking, even if you are not wearing lipstick. Some lip balms even have SPF in them so that your lips are protected from being dried by the sun.

Use a cucumber

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Not only is this ostensibly simple vegetable perfect for weight loss and for those dark circles under our eyes, but a cucumber slice left on your sore lips for about five minutes will help to rehydrate your lips.

Home remedies

When your lips are super sore and you want a natural way of healing them, then you can try a number of home remedies. From sugar to rose petals, honey and coconut oil, there are a number of natural ingredients that will help give you soft lips.

Don’t touch your lips

One reason why you might have chapped lips is because you tend to bite them when you are nervous, you pick on the dry skin that is on them and then you lick your lips to add moisture. Biting your lips will only cause them to become more chapped and saliva will dry your lips because the enzymes on our saliva is meant to help us break down the food we eat.



Dehydration could be another reason why you have such dry looking lips. Make sure that you drink a lot of water and eat foods that help with hydration like fresh salads and fruit.

Avoid salt

Contrary to the former, salty foods like crisps and crackers should be avoided unless you want your chapped lips to look worse.

Nourishing lipsticks

If you love your lip colors, then investing in lipsticks that contain nourishing ingredients for your lips such as macadamia oil and vitamin E is a good way of protecting your lips from makeup and have them be worthy of that bright bold color you want to put on them.

These are some of the ways you can make sure never to have chapped lips bothering you ever again. Is there something that has helped you beat your chapped lips issue? Share your finds below!

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